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Thanksgiving. Day 2.

Today’s post is an extension of yesterday’s.

I am thankful for air to breathe and for friends who remind me to breathe during those moments when stress seems to overwhelm everything that is good. I know I mentioned friends as my framily yesterday, but they really came through for me today.

Today was a triple whammy kind of day for me. First, things happened at school, then things happened regarding my son (he’s not injured just . . . growing up much faster than I want him to), and then things happened regarding an offer I made suggesting a fundraiser for a local organization I am a part of. None of this was life-threatening in any way, shape, or form. Taken on one at a time I would have no issue. But, it’s like they hit all at once: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

That was my afternoon/evening. 

But, I know for others today was worse than any of us could have anticipated. We received some very stressful news regarding a project, or rather a series of projects, that we have coming up. Our projects were presented, and then we began the waiting game. For most of the last week, many of us have been finding ways to distract ourselves. Today the announcements were made via written letter of whether we passed, or need to rework and then re-propose.

I passed.


By the skin of my teeth. 

But several did not. I know of one classmate whose story absolutely should have passed with flying colors but she didn’t. But, what I have seen today from my friends goes beyond just being a friend. They have rallied around those who have needed it. They’ve allowed people to vent, and yell in their faces about how screwed up this system is. They’ve been the open shore taking a beating from the impending breakers rushing in.

This hasn’t been done from obligation, or because “it’s the right things to do.” This has been done out of sincere concern and true, “runs deep in the bones”, friendship. So today, I am thankful for friends who don’t think twice about helping out a friend in her time of need – even when, and maybe, especially when, I am not the recipient just an outside spectator.



In an attempt to get back to writing everyday, I am planning to blog on a daily basis through the month of November. I figure if it takes twenty-one times to create a habit then thirty days of blogging should get me back to writing daily.

There is a slight ulterior motive here.

Last week I presented my senior proposal to the Capstone committee. If approved, I will need to get my rear in gear in order to complete my project on time. For those of you not familiar with Capstone, let’s just say it is similar to writing and then defending a Master’s thesis, only on a Bachelor level. The difference is that along with our projects, either creative or research, we have to create and present a visual element. All of this culminates into a final presentation in the spring. It’s not as horrible as it sounds, now that the worst of it is finished. So, in theory, blogging daily is just my way of gearing up to write my story, and also a way of letting the world know that there is much to be thankful for.

So, for today, what am I thankful for?

Many things actually.

My family. My parents who have encouraged me, throughout everything, to follow my heart. My sons for making me laugh on what seems to be the darkest of days. My long-distance family with whom I communicate mainly via Facebook, thanks for the insights into your lives. My framily, those friends who are close enough to be family, thank you for always being there, and for being honest in everything – even when I’d rather you give me the sweetened up version.


As I scan over a few blogs I frequently visit and blogs that friends have posted I’m overwhelmed by the realization that most of them are full of sadness. Don’t get me wrong. There are moments of joy and laughter told throughout the blogs, but in nearly every instance the blogs were created out of devastating circumstances. Another random glance of blogs shows that blogs are created out of anger or as a means of venting. While I understand this, I’m not sure I’d post something in anger for the world to read (I personally vent into Word documents!).


I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in creating a blog for these reasons. Believe me, I’m the last person to judge why anyone else would do what they do. The most heart wrenching blogs I see are those created by parents whose child is going through something and they’re asking for prayer while at the same time updating everyone on the situation.

Flipside. (yes, again!)

On the whole asking for prayer thing, I’ve heard so many people say that it’s wrong to ask for prayer in a blog. Usually the reasoning behind this is that if the person writing the blog is a Christian then they should be able to pray for themselves and their family. At the same time there are those who say that the Bible says “1 can put a 1000 to flight and 2 can put 10,000 to flight” so why is there a need for more than 2 people praying? And then again, there’s the one’s who say that people who ask for prayer have no faith – how can they when Jesus said “he who as faith even as small as a mustard seed”? And a mustard seed is really stinking small.

Think of it this way though, if you’re a parent who’s child is stricken with some horrible disease or if there’s a sudden, life-changing event in your family how would you handle it? Sure, you’d pray and plead. Maybe cry and get angry. You’d also become mentally and emotionally drained. And, let’s be honest, you’re going to be so focused on “fixing” everything that while you may still pray, your focus will be split. Having other people to surround you with prayer, to surround your family with prayer, to pray when you can’t … those prayers make all the difference. That doesn’t mean that the prayers of the people actually going through the difficult situation don’t count. They do. But it’s also encouraging to know that there are people praying for you when you’re not strong enough to pray for yourself.

I don’t have all the answers. If I did, I’d be God and believe me when I say that is one job I definitely DO NOT want! I don’t even have most of the answers, but I have the answer. There’s a story in the Bible where a man asks Jesus for something and Jesus says, “do you believe?” to which the man responds, “I want to believe” and that was enough. I think that’s pretty much the equivalent of wanting to pray and not being able to, whether from exhaustion (physical, mental, and emotional) or from something else. Those are the times we need to be carried.

The last few months have been kind of draining for me, and for my family albeit in different ways. First there was the whole changing jobs, getting used to a new schedule, and all the things that go with that.

Then there was the meningitis outbreak at the school. This has been the most draining part. We lost students. Another student is still under going multiple surgeries and recovery programs. And, with all of the media mess – with their half-truths and ignorance, we lost a really awesome principal. And there’s the thought that that could have been my child. The first few months after this started were the worst. There were daily, nearly hourly, reminders that my son could have been one of the victims. Then school let out for summer and it hasn’t been anywhere near as prominent in my mind. But, there are times when I feel almost guilty that my kids are both so very healthy.  I know, however, that my children are children of God, heirs with Jesus, part of a chosen generation. And I know, that even with all that the world can throw at them that there are angels surrounding them, guarding them, and protecting them at ALL times.  I also know that I have to continually “let go” and say, “We’ve got angels around us – go be kids”. No evil shall befall us, no weapon formed against us will prosper because we are children of God.

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