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Every Monday for the last four Mondays an email assignment has popped up in my email. Those assignments have allowed me to not only share about some pretty amazing people but to become part of an amazing group. There were incentives to participating in Compassion International‘s Blog Month but that is not why I contributed. I wrote because of the challenge. I write still because I cannot stop.

We sponsor a child, from Haiti. 

Without writing for Compassion International over the last month I wouldn’t have the knowledge and understanding I do now. I also wouldn’t have taken the steps to get to know other bloggers who do what I do. There are bloggers out there who I may have very little in common with, save two things:

We all love Jesus.

We all sponsor a child, some more than one.


That is a fun word. My boys thought it meant they were getting a brother, something akin to adoption. And, they did. Although, our sponsored child is not coming to live with us he is still very much a part of our family. Every day we pray for each other and for our kiddo and if by chance I forget {we are still pretty new at this} the boys will stop me and say, “Mommy don’t forget the boy we’re helping raise and teach about Jesus! You know, the one who lives in Haiti!”  {Typically they call him by name but I am still uncertain how much, if any, information I am at liberty to divulge via the internet.}

Our goal for blog month {September} was to get 3,108 children sponsored. When it was all said and done our total was 3,159 children sponsored. We not only met but exceeded our goal. What an amazing opportunity! We have this chance to speak life, love, and Jesus to these little people!

For the last month, I have greeted Mondays with expectancy, awaiting the newest challenge each week. Now that those assignments are complete, and our goal has been met, I am not finished. I have found a new way to begin my week by taking some time to think about, pray for, and write about my sponsored child.

Mondays have a new meaning.


The Words of a Child.

As we are finishing up blog month for Compassion International, our final assignment to to write from the perspective of our sponsored children. We (the boys and I) only just picked our child and have yet to sit down and write him even once. He is from Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Haiti is a place I long to visit but for now can only imagine. I can only speculate what he’s thinking but I do know he has a birthday soon and the fact he now has a sponsor surely adds to the excitement. So, keeping this in mind, here is my attempt to write from the perspective of our recently sponsored child. (Just a side note, I am aware our sponsored child has a sibling but I have no other information.)


I am very excited to be having a birthday soon.

I am big!

The best part is that I have a sponsor!

Having a sponsor means I can  learn everything.

I also live with my mom and a sibling.

I can teach them everything.

I do chores at home. I carry water for my family.

There are many people around us.

Some live in tents because of the big earthquake.

I want to make things better for my family.

I want to bring them away from the smells of trash and sewer.

I want my mother to have a home, with real walls. 

I want my sibling to have toys he/she can play with.

I want to take care of everyone I love.


As I stated before, I cannot even begin to know the thoughts of this child. I have no real knowledge of what poverty is like. I do know when I was 16 and spent three weeks in Mexico we touched areas of poverty. There was one village we ministered in that in order to take a shower we would step into a 3-walled shell outside, someone would hold a towel or sheet acting as the door, and another person would pour the ice cold water over our heads. We were there only two days but that was 15 years ago and I can no longer recall the smells of true poverty. Poverty is an issue everywhere and no child deserves to live in relative squander, regardless of birth and/circumstances.

If you feel the need to save even one child from a life of poverty please click here. If you have the desire to see even one child successful in learning to break the cycle of poverty please click here.

Dear God.

Sponsoring a child is a huge decision, almost as big as having a new baby or getting married. How will I know if we pick the right one? What if something happens and we can’t continue our sponsorship? What then? This is a giant step and my brain is telling me no but my heart is screaming yes. I know it’s the right thing.

The boys are excited about helping out another child. They’ve been trying grasp what it’s like to not have education or food or water or shoes. All of those things we take for granted. They’ve already asked about sending him (they’re certain You will lead us to sponsor a boy!) toys to play with. And maybe some books.

The big thing is that I want to be able to show him (or her) You and to show Your love. I get stuck because I know I snap at my boys sometimes. I almost feel as though I’m not a good enough role model – not yet. I hope we’re always growing in Your word and showing your love for others. God, I don’t know what You have planned but we are taking this next step. Jumping in feet first and trusting You to keep us above water.

Most importantly, Heavenly Father, please protect the child, whomever he or she may be. Wrap your loving arms around him or her and never let go.


I made an executive decision.

Instead of showering my children with presents for Christmas we are going to step outside the box. Don’t get me wrong. We will still celebrate Christmas but this year I’m striving to make the meaning of Christmas hit home for my boys, something more than presents under a tree.

We are adding to our family.

This is a HUGE deal.

Many of you may not know that I am a blogger for Compassion International. Now, I will fess up and say I have not blogged consistently over the last year. There are many reasons and excuses I could come up with, all true, but none more true than I just didn’t take the time. I am hoping to change that this month.

You see, this month is being deemed as BLOG MONTH for those at Compassion International. It is a month where I, along with my fellow bloggers, will be encouraging our readers to sponsor a child. Each week will have a new topic related to sponsoring, an act that is life changing. I have noticed, however, it has become increasingly difficult to encourage something I do not participate in myself. We do not currently sponsor a child. 

That is changing.

We will be sitting down over the next couple of weeks, as a family, in order to choose a child we can sponsor and watch grow as my own children grow. As soon as we have chosen a child to sponsor I will post about him or her here – as much as I can anyway. Hopefully one day we will get to meet this, as of yet, unknown child. I wish we could help them all.

This is where YOU come in.

With all of the natural disasters that have hit around the world there is a much greater need than ever before. If you have the desire to help a region but are not sure how please consider being a sponsor. Sponsoring is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get set up and I can promise you it is one of the most meaningful decisions you will ever make.

I’ve heard it said many times over:

You may not be able to change the world

but you can change the world for one person.

That is exactly what sponsoring is; changing a child’s world.


Like I said, it’s a HUGE deal.

Help Haiti.

Haiti Donate Online

I couldn’t get this to show up in my sidebar properly so I’m posting it here. Just click on the picture to go to Compassion International or click on any of the links posted in the sidebar to the right of this message under Haiti to find out how you can help. Or click on one of the links below the picture.

For updates check Haitifeed.com.

If you have loved ones in Haiti check this site koneksyon for lists or to post your own information. Also check the ICRC (International Commitee of the Red Cross) website for family links and more info.

Here’s a way to help with the housing situation in Haiti as well, also on Facebook. Contact information and how to help is posted there as well.


Abandoned Children’s Fund

Donate directly above or call 1-888-884-0567

American Red Cross


Donate online above or call 1-800-521-CARE from the U.S. or +1-404-681-2552 from outside the U.S.

Catholic Relief Services

Donate online by clicking the link above, text RELIEF to 30644, or call 1-800-736-3467.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund

Donate directly above or call 1-888-781-1585 from the U.S. or +1-707-528-8000 from outside the U.S

Christian Hatian Outreach

Compassion International

Doctors Without Borders

Fireside International

Food for the Hungry

Guts Church (Tulsa)

Hands and Feet

Help Haiti (Air1)

Hope for Haiti

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee

Donate directly above or call  1-877-REFUGEE

Mercy Corps

Donate directly above or call 1-888-256-1900


Partners in Health

Donate online through the link above, or donate by mail by sending a check with “Haiti Earthquake Relief” in the memo line to:
Partners In Health
P.O. Box 845578
Boston, MA 02284-5578

Save the Children

Donate directly above or make checks out to “Save the Children” and send to:
Save the Children Income Processing Department
54 Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880

Samaritans Purse

Sow a Seed


Donate directly above or call 1-800-4UNICEF.

World Concern

World Emergency Relief

Donate directly above or call 1-888-484-4543 from the U.S. or +1-760-930-8001 from outside the U.S.

World Vision

Yele Haiti

You can text “Yele” to 501501 to make a $5 donation to Wyclef Jean‘s organization in Haiti, or donate directly here.

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