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Boys vs. Girls.

Not long ago I was in the doctor’s office with ZigZag and was struck by something I’d never truly considered before. Here was my son, waiting for his appointment, being a bit rowdy with the toy trucks and completely oblivious to the fact he’d taken over the waiting room from a quiet little girl who ran to her mom as soon as ZigZag began to play. Fortunately it was a slow day and we were the only people in the office aside from this little girl and her mom.

Maybe it’s because I have boys.

Most of the girls we know have brothers so they can hold their own but boys and girls are so different! I know. I know. That’s kind of a ‘duh’ moment for most of you.

This little girl was so completely shy. She hid under her momma’s legs and played with one of the smaller cars. By the time she was called back for her appointment she had stepped out a bit – she was playing ‘catch’ with ZigZag by rolling the cars back and forth to each other.

But it dawned on me, my son didn’t even notice her until I pointed her out. Not that I’m trying to marry him off at the age of five or anything like that but that he was so wrapped up in his world that he couldn’t spare even a moment to see someone else.

Often times we, as Christians even, get so entirely wrapped up in what’s going on around us – in our own little worlds – that we don’t notice those around us. Those people we love to keep up with on Facebook but only if their status update shows up in our news feeds. Or those who we see only at holidays or birthdays, family reunions or funerals. Or those we talk to only when it pertains to our own dire need right at that moment.

When is the last time you called someone just to say hello?

and truly meant it in a ‘just saying hi’ kind of way?

Or smiled at a stranger?

Or helped someone carry their items?

Some things I’ve learned recently by stepping outside of myself to check on the well-being of others:

Two amazing people are officially parents and bringing their son to his forever home as I type this.

One amazing young woman left her home for Wales to spend the next nine months training in a foreign country to be a missionary to Africa permanently at the end of that time.

Many of my friends are engaged or pregnant – too many to count at this point! (Thank you Oklahoma Blizzard!)

The point is

the world is bigger than you and me


It’s bigger than all of us and it’s time we set aside our own agenda’s and started actually caring about those around us.

I can hear you now, “but what can I do? I’m just one person”.

So is Jesus.



Typically this is the time of year everyone is rushing about, finishing their shopping, and making off-hand remarks as to how “things are going to be different next year!”

A lot of people actually sit down and write out a list of goals or things they want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Personally, I like to sit back and look at what I’ve learned over the last year. Some things are to see what I can improve upon in the coming year. Others are just flat out life lesson that really should only be learned once – preferably not the hard way.

I spent much of this year drawing closer to God in ways I haven’t in more years than I care to admit here. I’ve learned to again open myself up to Him and allow him to wash me clean of the junk and to just bask in His presence.

I’ve become more patient with my children – most of the time – although we all have our moments! I have learned so many things from them but that’s a post for another day.

I have learned to allow myself to be stretched in so many ways: spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally … pretty much you name, I’ve been stretch that way this year.

Through it all, though, this is one of the happiest years I’ve had to date. I started the year with expectation that it would be a great year but I wasn’t aware of anything that would make it so great. Now, as this year is ending I look back and see all of the little things that have made it so very great. Just more proof that it really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

On the flip-side, I don’t normally write down goals for the coming year. I honestly can’t remember the last time I made a bona-fide New Years Resolution much less stuck with it. However, tonight I was doing some thinking about what I need to improve in my life and the recurring theme is Consistency. My list has the phrase “be more consistent” so many times I decided I would just make it a generalization and work on being consistent, or more consistent, in EVERY area of my life.

The more specific things on my list include but are not limited to:

* Be more consistent with prayer and Bible reading.

* Be more consistent with tithing.

* Be more consistent with exercise and healthier lifestyles, food, etc. (Notice this does not say “lose weight”. I truly believe that any weight loss success has to do with changing the persons lifestyle and food habits rather than just a fad diet.)

* Be more consistent in discipline with the boys.

* Be more encouraging.

* Surround myself/boys with people who believe as we do (much easier said than done!).

* Be more consistent with blogging – actually blogging/writing as often as I think to do it but actually don’t.

That’s just a sampling but the biggest ones are there. Do you see how I got consistency as my them?! About this time next year I will be looking back at this post and will be able to see vast improvement in these areas as well as others! That’s so very exciting!!

Friday Favorites.

If you’re a Twitter user, more than likely you’re familiar with the tag #FF. Or, Friday Favorites. I’ll admit, it took me more than a few tries to figure it out but once I noticed the pattern (only happens on Friday’s) I got it.

I’ve also decided to do something similar with my blog. I’m going to list all of my favorite moments from the week (the ones I remember!). Those are things Twitter does not allow enough space for with the 140 character limit for me to go through and list.

So, no time like the present to start something!

My favorite moments from this week include:

Watching how excited E-man gets when he blows a bubble with bubble-gum!

Listening to ZigZag tell me just how sleepy he is in the mornings until I remind him that he gets to go to “big” school with E-man!

Having both boys cuddled up next to me reading Bible stories! (Really though, I can’t say no to them asking to read a Bible story.)

Peeking in on E-man long after his brother has fallen asleep only to see that he’s fallen asleep himself with his little lamp on and his Bible wide-open!

Watching ZigZag try to wink with his whole face scrunched up!

This weather has been amazing!

Just a few of my favorite things! I will try to keep a better list this coming week in order to give  a bit more details. I’m also going to try and add a few more features in order to be a little more motivated with updating.

Life has just been busy and that’s kind of an issue. Soccer 3 days a week – well 2 evenings/afternoons and 1 morning. Piano 1 evening a week plus any practice time at home. Not to mention E-man has homework nearly every weekday. Balance – that is my goal. And Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who give me strength”. To me, that means that I’ll be able to (with God’s help) balance life and keep up with what’s most important – my boys and teaching/showing them God’s love.

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