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The last few days I’ve been very cranky and complained a lot. I don’t do sick very well. Pneumonia. Acute Bronchitis. Influenza Like Illness – which is just flu’s evil twin. Pressure on my chest. runny nose. Cough, congestion, etc. This has not been a fun week. However, in the process of realizing just how hateful I was being to everyone around me, I decided to count my blessings.

My husband & I are not perfect, nor is our marriage. Many times we are on vastly different pages when it comes to the kids, depending on the kid. But he is mine & I am his. And mostly he’s tried to take care of me this week. As much I have allowed him to that is. He has yet to master mind reading. 🙂

Our kids are far from perfect, but they are ours. Some days are calmer than others, but each kid is different and has different needs. I’ve been more than a little snappy, but they just keep loving me and telling me they hope I feel better soon. Well, except for when they’re saying I need a nap, which has been so true this week.

We have a roof over our heads, food in our pantry (for as long as it lasts with all of these bottomless pits running around!), beds to sleep in, and dirty laundry which means clothes to wear. We have some of the greatest friends anyone could ask for. Really, our most basic needs have always been met.

The last half of 2014 and most all of 2015 was incredibly rough. 2016 has started out not so great. When looking at all the things that have happened to us, it is so easy to see the negative at every turn. So easy in fact, it makes the positive needle in a haystack impossible. Even worse, it makes it so hard to pray because it has consumed us.

But, you know what? This year will be different. I have plans go make 2016 a phenomenal year. And, I cannot do that wallowing in the regrets, failures, and negatives of 2015.

The biggest blessing happened when I woke up today. I was honestly so scared last night that I wouldn’t wake up. Respiratory issues, however they are diagnosed, are super scary to me. I may have spent 5 hours this morning dealing with doctors, xrays, breathing treatments, and what have you.

But, I woke up.

Not just physically opening my eyes, but spiritually too. God and I had some serious words. Tears were shed. Seeing the things around me and not taking one ounce for granted. Reminding myself, and God, of His promises to me and mine.

Wake up.
I dare you.


A Thankful Heart | Day 3.

Today has been kind of a rough day. No reason really. Truthfully, everything has been fantastic and flowed the way it should. There just seems to be a deepening sense of being overwhelmed. The closer I get to next semester, which is 6 credit hours more than I’m currently taking, the more stressed I become. Needless to say, it’s been difficult to find what I’m thankful for today but it finally hit me.

I’m thankful for provision.

Everything the boys and I need has been and will be provided for us because we are children of God and that is one of His promises to us. Provision has already been proven in our lives. We have a roof over our heads, warm beds to sleep in, food to eat, and the privilege/ability of going to school. We have running water, central heat/air, vehicles, etc.

We have so much it’s ridiculous at times, most of the time actually. So many things we take for granted are things that others in the world can only dream of.

Most of you know by now that we’ve decided to do Christmas a little different than normal this year. No flashy toys or electronics. There are enough of those. If anything there will be a plethora of books and board games but that’s it. This year we will be adopting two (or more) children from the Angel Tree at their school. This tree is comprised of students whose families cannot provide for them.

I want the boys to know that there are only a few things God requires of us; that we give Him ALL of us, that we show love to those around us, and that go into all the world to share Him with everyone. That world begins at home and in our community.

God has provided for us so that in turn

we can be a blessing to others.

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