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Moments & Memories

The last few days have been full of such fun moments with my boys I can’t help but to share some of them.


– Has a new word that sounds an awful lot like a curse word we’ve all heard before but it’s not. It’s really a contraction of the two words: “am” and “not” so it comes out as amn’t. And, he uses it in the context of “am not” but, man, that’s a habit I’m trying to break him of real fast!

– Grocery list making with ZigZag is hysterical!! It took me a couple of minutes to catch what exactly he was doing but once I did I couldn’t help but laugh! It went something like this. I told them that I was going to make a list and asked both boys if there was anything they wanted. As I’m going through the list ZigZag leans over and goes, “Mommy, how do you spell orange?” to which I replied, “o-r-a-n-g-e”. Then he said, “Okay. Write that down. How do you spell grape?”

– I’m not sure which child on ZigZag’s soccer team actually kicked the ball but one of them kicked it square in the referee’s “no strike zone”! There was literally a collective gasp from the crowd followed almost immediately by loads of laughter from not only the parents/families but the teams, coaches, and even the referee himself – after taking a couple of moments to breathe, of course!


– I have never been more proud of my oldest son than I was Saturday morning. In the middle of his soccer game his coached yelled cause the team was kicking the ball the wrong direction and she was trying to get them to go the correct way. If you know anything about soccer, this was right after halftime and they’d just changed which goal they were aiming for. He started crying. Covered his face with his hands, sat down on the field. Crying. She walked over to him, asked for a time-out and talked to him. Basically gave him two choices: to quit and walk off the field or to dry it up and keep playing. (I’m paraphrasing here as I didn’t hear her conversation with him but was told the gist of it afterwards.) He chose to keep playing. And he played so very well! He made the right decision and it was a benefit to not only him but his team and I think he saw that.

– Cub Scouts. I really wish I could leave this one at that one phrase and have everyone know what I’m talking about but I know better. I have seen him so happy that’s he’s earned a badge and a belt loop in less than a week. And that was his doing. He’s the one who learned the necessary pledges, promises, activities, etc to earn these honors. And I can’t wait see him up in front of everyone next month at the pack meeting to receive those along with any other he earns in the next few weeks!

– I looked at him this week and saw just who he is inside. It’s amazing really! I keep learning my son over and over again. He’s this incredible, not-so-little person who has an entire personality all his own. I love when he frowns at me and then flashes that smile of his. Or when I can see that he’s learning the difference between acting and reacting.  He’s so very sweet. He loves being able to play and be with everyone but he also very much needs his downtime. He has such a sweet spirit and loved getting to stay up late last week to listen to Keith Moore preaching. And music. He’s so very talented  musically. I very much want to encourage that in him and not destroy it for him. There’s a very fine line there.

I know there’s so very much more I could add to this but these are the things that struck me this week.


Friday Favorites – 2 weeks worth

I’m sitting here editing the hundreds, possibly thousands, of pictures I’ve taken in the last few weeks and it occurred to me that I failed to post a #FF post last week and this week both. So, I’m going to combine the two weeks now. And yes, by the time I’m finished with this post it will be Sunday. But, you know what they say, “better late than never”! Who’s “they” anyway?!

And the memories are going to be all jumbled up because, well, it’s 2 weeks combined and without having my calendar in front of me I’m uncertain of what happened when! Suffice it to say that the following events happened sometime in the last 2 weeks! 🙂

Here goes nothing!

One Saturday we had 2 soccer games and 2 birthday parties all before 4pm. Made for a very busy day, let me tell you! However, it was the first soccer games of the season and ZigZag’s first ever team soccer game! It was so exciting!!

E-man has had 4 out of 5 “green” days at school! I’m counting this as all week because technically he wasn’t at school on Friday so for the entirety of the week he did have, he was on his best behavior! This does, however, mean $5 goes into the piggy bank but he’s also that much closer to his goal of getting a DS for Christmas!

E-man has officially started Cub Scouts! He’s a Tiger Cub! We got the uniform, now to just get those patches on it before the next meeting! 🙂

My friend’s daughter had a baby! A bittersweet moment as she’s still just a teenager (17) but happy at the same time because baby is healthy and is in a very loving home!

We planted lots and lots of flowers with/for my mom. Some will live and come back next year. Other’s will die and will have to be replaced next year, but we had lots of fun doing it!

Pawhuska Bible Church had their 15th year anniversary and celebrated with a picnic after church. There was so much food and desserts and oh so many water balloons! But, the biggest draw was the dunk tank!

I think that’s about it. Not as long as I thought it would be! 🙂 The only other thing that happened that was so very much fun was the planning party for the PTO we’re hoping to get started at the school. Very exciting stuff happening here!

Friday Favorites.

If you’re a Twitter user, more than likely you’re familiar with the tag #FF. Or, Friday Favorites. I’ll admit, it took me more than a few tries to figure it out but once I noticed the pattern (only happens on Friday’s) I got it.

I’ve also decided to do something similar with my blog. I’m going to list all of my favorite moments from the week (the ones I remember!). Those are things Twitter does not allow enough space for with the 140 character limit for me to go through and list.

So, no time like the present to start something!

My favorite moments from this week include:

Watching how excited E-man gets when he blows a bubble with bubble-gum!

Listening to ZigZag tell me just how sleepy he is in the mornings until I remind him that he gets to go to “big” school with E-man!

Having both boys cuddled up next to me reading Bible stories! (Really though, I can’t say no to them asking to read a Bible story.)

Peeking in on E-man long after his brother has fallen asleep only to see that he’s fallen asleep himself with his little lamp on and his Bible wide-open!

Watching ZigZag try to wink with his whole face scrunched up!

This weather has been amazing!

Just a few of my favorite things! I will try to keep a better list this coming week in order to give  a bit more details. I’m also going to try and add a few more features in order to be a little more motivated with updating.

Life has just been busy and that’s kind of an issue. Soccer 3 days a week – well 2 evenings/afternoons and 1 morning. Piano 1 evening a week plus any practice time at home. Not to mention E-man has homework nearly every weekday. Balance – that is my goal. And Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who give me strength”. To me, that means that I’ll be able to (with God’s help) balance life and keep up with what’s most important – my boys and teaching/showing them God’s love.

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