Unspeakable Tragedy.

I rarely blog about my kids. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve yet even mentioned I have kids here much less blogged about them. That is probably changing. My kids are my world and to try to have a part of my life that doesn’t include them in one way or another is like removing my lungs so I can’t breathe. I will, however, be extremely cautious about what I say regarding my children.

In light of some events that have happened this week I feel the need to talk about being a mom. Not just a mom but a single mom raising two boys. Two boys who I’m praying will turn into strong Christian men who know how to treat ladies and have integrity and all those things mom’s hope for their kids as they become mature adults.

My boys are 4 and 5 years old, for a few more weeks anyway when they will be 4 and 6. Recently, there was a bacterial meningitis outbreak at my son’s school. There are six confirmed cases and two of those children have died. One was 7 years old and the other was 8.

Of the four children who remain in the hospital I know at least one of them is a friend of my sons. They play together on the playground at school and eat lunch together. Their classes also do events together, story time and such.

If you show my son a picture of this child he knows his name. He can tell you his teachers name and the last game they played together on the playground. I know this because I did it. The little boy (6) is in critical condition in one of the best hospitals close by. The doctors gave him 25% chance of surviving, saying that even if he does make it he’ll likely need amputations of all limbs.

However, if you read this article closely you’ll see where his grandpa said that they found a pulse in one of his knees today and that he is improving. This is GREAT news! Even so, he’s not out of the woods yet and can still use all the prayers he can get.

The last week has been difficult, the last few days especially. With everything going on in our school system there’s a sense of undeclared panic around the area. I know I have found myself panicking recently as well. The day all of this news broke my 4 year old started running a high fever and was complaining of his head and stomach hurting. Even going so far as to say he needed to throw up at one point. All of those things are symptoms of meningitis. Yes, I panicked.

I had taken my 5 year old back up to the school earlier that day to get a shot of an antibiotic that would help, just in case. Unfortunately, the health officials at the school were not treating siblings; just students and staff so my 4 year old had not received the shot. Needless to say, we ended up in the ER later that same evening. Blood work proved he doesn’t have bacterial meningitis but he was given the same shot as a precaution. Three day later, he’s still running a high fever so we headed to the pediatricians office. More blood work and a strep test later, the doctor decided he has Roseola. Things are looking up. At least in our house.

Still doesn’t change the fact that instead of planning spring break festivities there are 2 families planning funerals and 4 more holding round the clock vigils at the hospital. Instead of planning trips to the movies or a slumber party or even a birthday party these families are dealing with a huge amount of loss. As horrible as I have felt these last few days with things going on with my own kids I know that nothing I have ever gone through will ever compare with this. My kids are healthy (or getting there) and alive. And these families are planning for events that should not happen for someone so young. My heart goes out to them as well as our prayers.


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I am first and foremost a child of the one true King. I am a writer, a teacher, a student, a chauffeur, a cheerleader, a coach, a nurse, and a plethora of other things. I am a mom. I am loved. View all posts by Jenn

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